Learn to Manage Time Well with Expert Tips from Business Registration Hong Kong

Running a business is hard, especially when you factor in balancing work, managing employees, family time, and personal time. Mastering time management can make juggling multiple commitments a breeze and lucky for you, Business Registration Hong Kong has tips from experts to help you learn how to do just that.


Plan and Organize

Begin by planning out everything you’ll be doing on the day, including regular tasks like driving and lunch. Knowing exactly when you have free time allows you to plan out other commitments better and keeps you from over-scheduling yourself. Keep yourself organized by taking care of small tasks immediately. Do you have something to file? Do it right away. Always plan on doing the most difficult tasks first thing in the morning- that is when you are most productive.

Every Minute Counts

Take advantage of every free moment to keep yourself productive. If you know you have a long wait in line ahead of you, bring your fully charged tablet or laptop and spend that time responding to email. Utilize apps for your Smartphone to keep you on track with reminders, synchronized calendars, and more. Make sure not to waste any downtime with distractions; train your employees and customers to respect your time. They should know when you are available to chat and when to let you buckle down and work.


When you feel like you have too much on your plate, that is the perfect time to show your employees some trust by giving them more responsibilities. Research, memo writing, and errands are all things that can easily be delegated to an employee. You can also ask for extra help with scheduling to allow you to focus on work. Hire an assistant to plan out your meetings, send you reminders, and keep you on track. Make sure your assistant always gets an agenda for meetings you’re invited to so you know you won’t be wasting your time at a meeting that isn’t relevant to you.


What tips do you have for better time management? Let us know! For more information on how to improve your business, how to get started, and more, visit Business Registration Hong Kong.

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