Fun-filled Facebook Page

Comparing one2free’s Facebook page to other wireless service providers’ pages just isn’t fair! Of course it keeps visitors up to date with great offers on one2free’s product and services that will put a smile on everyone’s face, but that’s hardly all. We give you more than a bang for your buck! Our pages are full of important information to optimize your account usage, fun ideas for things to do, cool people to see, hip and fresh ideas to try


What else can you find on the One2Free facebook page?

How about daily posts filled with funny photos, awesome high-tech gadgets, and all the random acts of laugh-out-loud hilarity you need to keep you in a good mood all day long! And please feel free to comment and connect while you’re there. It’s a good way to make good friends, secure valuable contacts, and keep up to date with the best of what Hong Kong has to offer! High energy, great connections, ideas to elevate your Hong Kong life. Like us today!

For more One2Free hijinks, check out our awesome Funographer and Playground

Funographer download:

PLAYGROUND download:

one2free official website:

one2free facebook page:

one2free Sina Weibo page:

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