Halloween Fun with Funographer!

Funographer is a new member of one2free’s exciting PLAYGROUND of good times on-the-good. Built from the ground up for Hong-Kong’s residents, Funographer lets you brighten up your photos with wacky neighbors, catchphrases and fun elements unique to Hong Kong! Why send a plain photo when you can adorn it with unique, seasonal add-ons that let you convey extra special messages with delightful panache? You have a vibrant personality! Express yourself with our newest option, tailored to your kind of life and energy


Of course, there’s no way we’d let the season slip by without taking advantage of Halloween, night of fun treats and shivery scares, to give you some great new stickers! Have some good times with your friends sending Halloween themed messages before the night itself. Help everyone get in the Halloween mood

Check out the whole exciting pack of options: download Funographer now if you haven’t already. Like a spooky Halloween ghost, these stickers will be here and then gone faster than you can say “boo!” So grab them now while you still can!


Funographer download: http://ow.ly/nS4qP

PLAYGROUND download: http://ow.ly/l5iT3

one2free official website:  http://one2free.hkcsl.com

one2free facebook page: www.facebook.com/one2freefans

one2free Sina Weibo page: http://e.weibo.com/One2FreeHongKong


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