Mission Ride for Food

Are you ready to challenge your limits, to take excellence to the next level? Then your journey starts on level two of New World Tower 2, in a theater of power we call The Cave. Sweat and tears will glisten on your face as the music pumps louder and the lights flash like neon lightning across a sea of bikers.

You’re never alone at XYZ. The force of those around you feeds your drive. And on two special days, October 25th and 6th, through a program called Mission Ride for Food, your drive can feed the needy. Guided by talented XYZ instructors Bridge, Sandy and Rachel, your action-packed fitness experience will link you to people far from the UV glow of The Cave through the power of Foodlink Foundation.

Foodlink Foundation is a leader in the fight against hunger and poverty in Hong Kong, honing in on disenfranchisement in Hong Kong with the same vehement and indomitable spirit that XYZ brings to exercise, encouraging self-sufficiency and complete nutritional wellness through the collection of surplus and donation of food to shelters and the needy. XYZ will donate all class fees from the two sessions in support of Foodlink.

You’ll never have an opportunity like this to combine the strength and willpower you bring every day to perfecting your body and mind with the resolve to lift up those who are  in need of just this kind of dedication!

For more information about Foodlink, kindly visit www.foodlinkfoundation.org.

To reserve your seat, please click here to purchase a Ride for Food class.

Mission Brief:

Ride For Food

Available Times:

Fri Oct 25, 7:00 PM (maximum 50 riders),

Sat Oct 26,12:00 PM (maximum 50 riders)


HK$500 per ride

XYZ Website: http://www.youarexyz.com/


The Cave, XYZ

2/F, New World Tower II

18 Queen’s Road Central

Central Hong Kong

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