XYZ Studio

More than an exercise studio, more just a place to get fit: XYZ is Hong Kong’s first theatre of power. A place where you are the actor, the play, the audience. To the beat of music, in a covert cave in New World Tower where the brightest light radiates from deep inside you, you will push past hesitation, past reluctance, to the place where your personal energy emerges: clean, high, and lasting.

Inside this space, dimly lit, you will be greeted by a herd of 50 bikes and their riders who will be your best companions in the quest for perfection. Join this group of like-minded enthusiasts. Confront your limitations. Mount your bike. Trust your skilled and passionate instructor. Tighten your core. Now ride, ride, ride. Spin and dance your way to a new, an ultimate you.

Now you’re one of us, let us introduce you to our:

  • Full Service Locker Room, a luxurious sanctuary that welcomes you and readjusts your mood.

  • Showers, set to help your body release dopamine to your brain. A place to wash clean, and think creatively. Our motto? Think big, shower often!

  • Gel saddle bike seats, to help your gluteal muscles get a work-over and absorb the ache. Grab one as you enter the cycle studio. We’ll bill you later.

  • Special shoes, because our bikes use Look Keo pedals. (We also have triple link pedals if you prefer SDP and LOook Delta clips.) We sell shoes and clips, or rent them at $20 per class.

Remember, our changing rooms, bathrooms and showers are for your use only. All our lockers have keys for you to lock up your valuables. We do not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.

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2/F, New World Tower II

18 Queen’s Road Central

Central Hong Kong

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