Sideways Is An Exclusive Environment

It’s no secret that Sideways has the best driving simulators in the world and when you come to test out your racing skills, or just to check out the model race cars on display, you’ll feel like you’ve been invited to a private, members only club! Sideways Driving Club is an exclusive environment, but everybody is welcome! Sideways embraces car enthusiasts and hardened racers to the novices and non-drivers. Whether you live in Hong Kong or are just visiting, Sideways is the perfect spot for Formula One racing fans and of course, those looking for a little excitement.

When you’ve got the need for speed, Sideways is where you want to be! Come alone or come with friends, colleagues or the family! Regardless of who you come or don’t come with, you’re bound to make new friends who enjoy racing as much as you! You’ll enjoy all the thrills of a high speed race track, but in a safe, clean environment. Come to drive or come to watch, Sideways is the only place in Hong Kong where drinking and driving is allowed!

Membership is free and easy to join! So what are you waiting for? Of course if you prefer to enjoy a host of discounts then a Sideways VIP Membership is for you. Sideways VIP memberships include great perks, such as a 20% discount on all Peak and Peak-Saver sessions, buy one get one free offers on all Off-Peak sessions, and other great offers throughout Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, India, and more! With bonuses like these, you’ll definitely feel like a VIP with your VIP membership!

Head on over to Sideways today to try out our driving simulators and see what all the hype is about! Don’t forget, there are 3 levels of membership: Platinum, Gold, and Silver

For full details, send an email to Sideways today and we will send you out an information pack.

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