Sideways Is The Perfect Place For Kids’ Birthdays!

Are your children and their friends constantly playing video games? That’s because they’re aching for real action! So be the parent of the year and give your kid a birthday he or she will never forget with a birthday party at Sideways! Don’t worry mom and dad, you’ll have fun too! Sideways Driving Club is for kids and adults of all ages who love to experience the real thing when it comes to adventure. We are several levels above the Playstation and Xbox general arcade market, and we are able to provide an experience that is very close to driving the real thing from a BMW Mini to a Formula One car. With 15 networked simulators, Sideways is a virtual racing centre that puts you in the driver’s seat! Heavy duty gear shifters, realistic steering system and brake pedal, this is just like being in a real race car.

Your children and their friends will feel like real racers at Sideways! A variety of driving experiences are on offer for your group event. When your group races at Sideways, they have the chance to win caps, t-shirts, trophies, simulator race sessions, simulators and more! For those who prefer to be on the sidelines, complete racing action is broadcast live on plasma screens allowing friends and fans to watch the action. While you sit back and watch the battle, have a drink at the Sideways bar or enjoy the catered food that Sideways offers. Sideways serves up delicious gourmet pizzas and other great snacks and entrees! You can also view racing videos and the unique Sideways race model cars collection. Sideways is the perfect place to celebrate your kid’s birthday and you’ll have as much fun as they do! So what are you waiting for?

Your kids will thank you for having their birthday at Sideways, but Sideways is also great for adult birthdays and other celebration! You can have just about any event at Sideways, such as family events, Stag and Hen nights, Corporate training, Team building, Client entertaining, and Charities. No matter the occasion, Sideways makes it unforgettable!

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