Aqua Spirit, Aqua Tokyo, Aqua Roma Hong Kong: See It, Experience It

With dazzling views of Hong Kong’s harbour and skyline, ultra-stylish interiors and an innovative menu offering the very best contemporary Italian and Japanese cuisines, Aqua tops the list of the city’s sophisticated dining destinations. The glamorous penthouse lounge and bar with sounds from the Aquamusic DJ team, cocktails and a glamorous crowd complete the experience.

Aqua has been named one “Hottest 100 Tables in the World,” by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Aqua provides a dual concept, offering the best of both Italian and Japanese cuisines in one signature menu. The cuisines can be enjoyed on their own or combined.

Aqua Roma’s new chef, Giuliano Dacasto focuses on traditional Italian cooking with a modern flair. Primi include fine antipasti, gourmet thin-crust pizzas, hand-made pastas and risottos. Secondi are prepared in traditional Italian methods with a contemporary twist – a sumptuous array of fresh seafood and some of the finest cuts of meat available.

Aqua Tokyo, serves ‘inventive traditional cuisine’ taking authentic Japanese culinary techniques to new heights. Chef Iwahashi Tatsuya presents a spectacular array of sushi and

sashimi prepared from carefully selected seafood delivered daily.


Overlooking the restaurant is Hong Kong’s glamorous bar and club – Aqua Spirit, home to Aqua’s extensive cocktail list and sporting two large bespoke classical lamps. It is here that after-dinner beats are mixed by Aquamusic – aqua’s own team of internationally acclaimed resident DJs!

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