A Happy Worker Is A Productive Worker. Make Workers Happy At Sideways!

Looking for unique party planning ideas for you and your co-workers? Give them a simulated driving experience they’ll never forget at Sideways! It’s the perfect location to host your Corporate Party or Corporate Event! Whether it’s two tables or a whole venue buyout, Sideways staff is eager to develop a unique experience for your clients or organization. Employees and co-workers can have a drink at the Sideways bar or enjoy catered food that Sideways offers. Sideways serves up delicious gourmet pizzas and other great snacks and entrees! Sideways provides a variety of driving experiences for singles, groups and more. Your co-workers and employees can win caps, t-shirts, trophies, simulator race sessions, and simulators! So have your corporate event at Sideways and WIN!

Host your corporate event at Sideways to enjoy everything we have to offer! Sideways hosts Formula One races every F1 race weekend. Sideways also has racing leagues, which are perfect for team building. Race your co-workers on a regular basis on a different track each time. Employees can drive practice, qualifying, sprint, night and long distance races all in one evening. Build your own championship league, race for points and crown the champion after the full season. Sideways also has Red Robin Drives. Race your co-workers free practice style. Choose your own car and track or join the other drivers and race. If you really want to get competitive, participate in Sideways Track of the Month. Race the clock to get the fastest time on a different track each month, as we find the 12 fastest drivers in Hong Kong! Everyone is welcome at Sideways, so book your event today!

Your employees and co-workers will always remember the corporate event at Sideways! Bring them back for team building and client entertaining too! Sideways is a great place for any event! Host family events, Stag and Hen nights, and Charities! No matter the occasion, Sideways makes it unforgettable!

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