Rachel Moon, XYZ Instructor, Dancer, Artistic Director & Producer

From the moment Rachel Moon’s mother took her to her first dance class at the age of 6, she knew she was born to move.

Rachel commits to everything in life 100%. She’s been a globe-leaping professional dancer, who has not only performed the splits on the heads of two elephants in a circus in Germany but also produced shows for the casinos of Macau. Now, she brings that passion and enthusiasm to the XYZ cave, in our secret home in Central, Hong Kong.

What matters most to Rachel is the energy in the room. Her ideal class is one full of highly energized people, spinning with enthusiasm, ready to try to take it to the next level. Her mission is to have you step down from your bike and leave the cave feeling even more vibrant than when you came in. She does everything in her power to energize you and inspire you to believe in yourself, because that’s the best advice she was ever given.

Rachel brought her advanced talents to Hong Kong because XYZ is the future of the private health club, set up to change the culture of wellbeing by adding fine measures of creativity and entertainment in order to challenge our perceived limits of energy and intelligence. “Don’t sweat the small things and stop worrying what other people think. It’s your life, so live it well.”

It’s Rachel’s dream is to combine her experience in dance with fitness to create the most kick-ass spinning class in Hong Kong. In fact, she’s already doing that! Come to XYZ and let Rachel Moon inspire you to be your next best self.

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