Three Butchers’ Wholesale Prices Are Making Your Meals Bountiful

The boys at Three Butchers were raised in rural NSW Australia. As a result they have always enjoyed, even taken for granted, home-grown fresh produce and meat. They were raised with a respect for and belief in tradition, craft and quality.

What are we most passionate about? At Three Butchers we are committed to the goal that Hong Kong residents should be able to get great quality meat at a great price!

How do we do it? Our wholesale division has successfully served some of the best Restaurants and Chefs in Hong Kong since 2006. We buy directly from the source and airfreight chilled to Hong Kong, cutting out the middleman, providing our customers great produce at value.

And because we deliver, Three Butchers now brings this great value direct to your front door!

Our mission at Three Butchers is to bring you top quality meat at wholesale prices, straight from the Farm to your Fork!

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