Sandy Sydney, XYZ Chief Instructor, NASM, ACE, TRX, PTAC

Veteran instructor Sandy Sydney likes to joke that the part of his body that needs the most work is his brain! Certainly, your first sight of Sandy will inspire you to want to turn your own physique into the lean mean fighting machine that his is.

But all it takes is a few minutes spinning on the bike in his class in Hong Kong’s first theatre of power, to realize that the push to become the best of who you are is 80% mental, 20% physical. Sandy’s classes will exhaust you but they’ll also teach you all about how amazing the mind body connection really is. He knows that we each have right amount of cells, DNA and thought composite to become our own superheroes.

As a 15 year veteran in this fitness industry, Sandy Sydney has seen his fair share of theatre. He’s teared up a couple of times watching his team members work so hard to pass their own barriers and enter into accomplishment and joy. Once he was even reduced to tears of laughter by a man who took an XYZ class in his underwear! Like all of XYZ’s energizing instructors, Sandy believes in the power of adrenaline to decelerate time and create the conditions in which we can release, recharge, regroup and regain control.

For Sandy, it’s simply a privilege to spend his days with some of the most passionate, creative people alive. After all, passion inspires people. It all boils down to living life to the full.

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