Welcome to the one2free Xmas Giveaway!

November 27, 2013

You knew Christmas was coming, but did you know it’s already here at one2free? From Nov 25 to Dec 20, MON to FRI, every 6:00pm, a new question will be released on the one2free Facebook page. If you’re one of the first 5 to submit an answer at http://bit.ly/one2freexmas, Santa’s definitely on his way to you this year with a fun and fabulous $500 shopping coupon! A link to the HINDS will also be provided.

You know the cool, edgy up-to-the-minute mindset you enter when playing our original games like Funographer, Typhoon Run and Fishball Master right on your phone? Our games are great for keeping your mind sharp and your reflexes honed, a plus in your daily life of work and play.

Well now, you’ll have even more incentive to keep your reflexes honed. Act Fast to be one of the first five and win a coupon that will let you gift everyone on your list this year, and yourself too!

Merry Xmas from one2free to you, our valued customer! May your season be bright and happy, and full of fun buys from your shopping coupon!

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Funographer download: http://ow.ly/nS4qP

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