Business Structures And Management Styles In Hong Kong: What To Expect

Opening a business venture in Hong Kong soon? If you’re new to Asian culture (particularly how Hong Kong locals and fellow entrepreneurs run things) then you might need to read on. There are several interesting management styles and business structures in Hong Kong that may interest you and may help you as you pursue your dream to make it big in this amazing and highly urbanized city.

Perhaps the most important aspect you need to understand about Hong Kong businesses is that these are almost always founded by a Chinese family and these remain under the control of that said family. Because these are family-run, it also means that the decision making usually lies on the head of the family. Hence, if you want to properly introduce your company and perhaps pitch a possible partnership, it’s best if you go straight to the main man himself. Although this idea of family-run industries has good sides, there’s also a disadvantage. For one, because the main man is the only one who makes the big decisions, those below him do not have the immediate chance of climbing up the corporate ladder. Because of this, those below him including non-family members of the workforce, resign and start their own ventures.

Management styles in Hong Kong, on the other hand, also revolve around family and respect. Respect for the main man, for instance, is, naturally, expected and proper. If decisions should be made business-wise, again, expect the responses to come from the main man.

Another important Chinese management style is the culture of gift giving. It is but normal to give and receive gifts. The Hong Kong folks see this as a good way to develop and maintain business relations.

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