How To Manage Customer Expectations And Avoid Licking Wounds

So here’s the basic truth: service quality is directly related to customer expectations. Deliver more and people will love and rave about your company. Deliver less and expect complaints and even damaging costs. Managing customer expectations is a must for every entrepreneur. You should not only know what to do to deliver a good experience for your paying client but also what to do in case that paying client has certain expectations you must meet.

So how do you manage customer expectations and avoid licking wounds in the future? Deliver what you promised. That’s the first, most basic and yes, most important, thing to always remember. If you promised an exceptional service, do it. If you can “over-deliver,” the better. If you “under-deliver,” expect disappointed customers.

Secondly, remember that good service will encourage customer loyalty. This premise will, for sure, keep you and your staff inspired to do well everyday.

Thirdly, be transparent and honest with your services, promos, discounts and other offers. Be clear on what you can do and what you can’t. This way, if a customer complains, you will know how to effectively address his or her concern. Good communication is key.

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