Google Search And SEO, What Does It Mean To The Public?

What are the most revealing consumer attitudes to Google’s search results? How do the public behave when presented with a page of organic search results and ads? Richman SEO Training in conjunction with CINT conducted a study to find the public’s understanding, attitudes, and behavior towards Google Search and SEO. As a brand, it’s important to know how consumers are utilizing Google search so your brand can make the most out of SEO usage. JamiQ knows the importance of Google Search and SEO and can help your brand stand out among Google searches.

Consumers were asked how they feel about websites ranking in the top positions of organic SERPS. It was no surprise that high ranking sites received more clicks, but along with those clicks comes an assumption that the site is also trustworthy. Clearly there is still a great deal of consumer misunderstanding and false assumptions being made about Google Search. This must surely have an effect on how consumers perceive those websites that rank prominently in organic SERPS. This is why it’s so important to understand where your brand stands among websites, and JamiQ can help!

JamiQ’s Influence Indicators feature uses smart algorithms to automatically analyze the influence of every website on the fly. The influence chart gives you an instant view of the impact your brand is making. Jump right in by clicking the darkest segments to immediately identify who your top influencers are. JamiQ also has a Sentiment Detection feature to detect the sentiment of every post on the fly. The sentiment chart gives you an indicative view of the perception surrounding your brand. This allows you to react immediately when you notice a sudden change of heart. With the help of JamiQ, your brand’s website will be more prominently listed in Google’s Search results!

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