Show Your Hair Some Love This Winter with ERA by Paul Gerrard

Winter is known to bring hair-raising changes to your look. Split ends and frizzled locks fill the streets thanks to the dramatic temperature changes that winter brings. Now, with EVO products at ERA by Paul Gerrard, protecting your hair from the coming seasons is a breeze. Keep flyaways and crunchy ‘dos at bay with the special Care line. The Care line includes Ritual Salvation Shampoo, Ritual Salvation Conditioner, Mane Prescription Protein Treatment, and Happy Campers Hard Working Moisturizer.

Protecting your hair starts in your daily showering routine. Lather up your locks with Ritual Salvation Shampoo to gently clean, add texture, strengthen, and moisturize. Ritual Salvation is best for dry and damaged hair, but works wonders on any mane during the Winter season. Follow up with Ritual Salvation Conditioner to boost the benefits and add extra shine.

Everyone knows our bodies need protein to be healthy and strong, but did you know that our hair does too? Mane Prescription is an intense protein reconstructor that strengthens your hair, making it as healthy as possible. Fight Winter woes and kick that dry, brittle hair to the curb!

Finish off your Winter routine with Happy Campers. This leave in moisturizer will keep your locks nourished and glowing. With added protection from the sun, your hair will stay healthy no matter what the weather throws your way. Happy Campers is made for dry hair, making this a Winter must-have for those longing for soft, touchable hair.

Say “Goodbye!” to Winter blues and “Hello!” to healthy hair with the Care line by EVO. Pick yours up today at ERA by Paul Gerrard in Hong Kong or online.

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