Playground: Exciting Exclusive Connection Offer

Let’s hear it for one2free’s My Plan! Liberate yourself with the plan that gives you real peace of mind plus greater flexibility and control. Our motto is: maximise your savings! That’s why we’re delighted to offer an exclusive connection offer when you connect to our fun-filled Playground app: an exclusive $200 coupon! Don’t let a deal like this slip through your fingers: download Playground and go to one2free to shop now. Think about all the cool stuff you could do with that #200 coupon. Now, think about how many wireless providers would spring such ridiculously exciting offers on you unexpectedly ? Not many. In fact, just one. One. 2. Free. Oh yeah! That’s just the way we do it.

With one2free’s My PLan, bill shock is now a thing of the past with automatic messages to alert you when your data usage is at 70% and 100%. Once you reach 100%, the choice is yours if you want to pay more to top up your local mobile data entitlement, or cease internet access until the beginning of your next bill month. It’s also easy to keep track of your data usage with our handy self-monitoring tools, so you can see if it’s time to top up.

My Plan has been designed to offer different service plans to suit different needs. Starting from just $187 for 300MB a month and various top up options including $28 for 100MB or $99 for 1GB, means you have total control of your spending and can top up as much or as little as you like. Simply choose the option that best suits you.

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