Christmas Is Almost Here! What’s Your E-Commerce Marketing Plan?

Christmas is almost here and that means big business in the E-Commerce world! Of course, you’ll need a marketing plan. You should already have an idea of what your Christmas marketing is going to look like, but now is the time to set it all down in black and white. The strongest marketing plans are those that are built on strong stories. Stories are the subjects and themes that hold together a set of activity over a number of weeks and marketing channels. Once you’ve got your stories, pencil them into your calendar. The calendar should be a spreadsheet with a column for each week and a row for the stories, and then a row for each marketing channel you use. Your E-Commerce marketing plan will take work, but JamiQ is here to help!

Once your stories are pencilled in, start filling in the big marketing activities. The big ones are those that get seen by lots of people; your emails, what’s on the homepage, social media competitions, blogs, videos and other content. JamiQ helps with our Easy To Manage feature. JamiQ’s dashboard organizes and gives you a quick overview of the most recent updates on all your Topics. The dashboard also gives you an immediate view of how many Topics you have running and easy access to managing them. With JamiQ, it’s easy to stay organized!

The very last thing you should do is make sure everyone involved knows what the plan is. That might mean running a presentation for them all. JamiQ’s Multitude platform is ideal for any kind of presentation you may have. Our Multitude platform is built on our core JamiQ Buzz technology and visualized in the form of a real-time Twitter wall. And because everything is real-time, there are endless ways to implement interactivity into your events. With JamiQ, the most stressful time of the year is fun!

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