How To Show Appreciation And Get Better Results From Your Employees This Holiday Season

Every company’s real wealth are its employees. If the employees are hardworking, positive, determined and have that all too-important (but more often than not, forgotten!) sense of initiative, then the company will definitely succeed. On the other hand, if the workers do not really care about the well-being and future of the business, then the company is doomed. Hence, in order to avoid a negative atmosphere within the company, business owners should know not only how to motivate their employees but to also show them appreciation in order to achieve better results. These fast and quick tips from Business Registration Hong Kong may come in handy especially this much-awaited holiday season!

First off, be mindful of legal non-working holidays and rules when it comes to double pay. This holiday season, if there are certain days (apart from the weekends, of course) that are legally and widely recognized as non-working holidays, then you must follow that and let your employees enjoy the days off. As such, if in case you really need your employees to work on special days like Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day and that those days may mean double pay, you have to follow that. This way, your employees would feel that they get well-compensated still even though they had to miss celebrating the holidays at home and with their families.

Secondly, give fair bonuses. Employees always look forward to the holidays and to spending time with family. If they have good and fair bonuses (way better if you give generous amounts, of course), then they will surely feel that the company does value them and their contribution to the business.

What do you think of these tips? Share your thoughts with Business Registration Hong Kong, your one-stop shop for professional accounting, banking, legal and taxation services.

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