Have a Happy EVO Holiday! Keep Your Hair Healthy After a Colour

Spice up your holiday season with colours that are sure to impress and products that will keep your hair happy and healthy. ERA by Paul Gerrard has all the products you need to make your hair colour pop, while nourishing and repairing chemically treated locks. Follow these tips to show your hair some love this Christmas.

To keep yourself from having to do too much upkeep on your hair, it’s best to transition from your summer highlights and blondes to darker, richer colours. With less sun, darker colours will last longer and stay vibrant. A great way to transition without too drastic of a change is the very popular ombre style. Dye your roots and the top three-quarters of your hair as close to your darker, natural colour as possible. Highlights can stay at the ends of your hair, lightening up the look and adding a bit of flair.

If you already have dark hair naturally, try experimenting with a different tone. Cinnamon tones and reds are great for winter because the cooler temperatures make the colour more vibrant and last longer. Go big with a vibrant true red, or play it up just a little with a coppery touch to your brown colour.

Dying your hair often can make your hair fragile and brittle. Keep it nourished and healthy with Happy Campers Hard Working Moisturizer from EVO at ERA by Paul Gerrard. This leave-in moisturizer is perfect for chemically treated hair and will make your hair more manageable. It even gives your hair extra UV protection!

Look your best this holiday season with extra help from ERA by Paul Gerrard. Visit us in person or online for more hair advice and great EVO products.

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