Get the Perfect Romantic Hairstyles from ERA by Paul Gerrard in Hong Kong on your Valentine’s Date

January 30, 2014

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have your romantic look picked out yet? Experts at ERA by Paul Gerrard in Hong Kong can help you get a flawless look that is sure to take your date’s breath away.

Get your hair primed and ready with the right shampoo. Gluttony shampoo from EVO physically fattens your hair with a dose of protein and protects it with film formers. As an added bonus, Gluttony shampoo is sulphate-free, extra gentle on your hair, and is better for the environment than alternatives from other brands.


Next, make sure your hair gets the nourishment it needs with a high quality conditioner by EVO from ERA by Paul Gerrard. The Therapist Calming conditioner is great for dry, frizzy, or colour treated hair. It strengthens, smooths frizzy flyaways, repairs, and hydrates. Even better, it adds a healthy dose of shine to your hair while protecting it from the sun’s damaging rays.


Looking for a sleek and sexy look? No problem! A little Easy Tiger smoothing fluid by EVO goes a long way! Tame curls and rebel strands of hair while moisturizing, conditioning, and soothing. Want to amp up the volume with curls suitable for any vixen? Liquid Rollers curl balm fights frizz and flyaways while enhancing your waves and curls. Finish up with Helmut finishing spray for extra hold without the sticky goop that comes with other hair sprays.

All of these great EVO products and more can be found at Paul Gerrard’s newest salon, ERA. Located at 36 Pottinger Street in Hong Kong, ERA takes you back to old London to experience a truly unique hair styling experience by the genius that is Paul Gerrard. For more great tips on makeup, hair, and fashion, visit ERA by Paul Gerrard online.


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Ring in the New Year with a New Hair Style from ERA by Paul Gerrard Hong Kong

January 30, 2014




The new year is the perfect time to welcome change into your life. Start Chinese New Year off right with a flashy new haircut from ERA by Paul Gerrard. Did you know it’s bad luck to cut your hair during Chinese New Year? Don’t wait too long! Take the plunge and try one of these sexy men’s haircuts.

Perfectly mussed hair is a huge trend for men’s hairstyles in 2014. Rock a medium length ‘do with lots of layers to give it texture. Rub a little product in it and tousle your hair with your fingertips. How easy is that?!

Get a flawless runway look by slicking medium length hair back. Use a high quality product like EVO to comb the sides toward the back of the head, while combing the top across the hairline then back. Add a little high-fashion to your look by trimming the sides so they are just a bit shorter than the top and loosely combing the top back while adding volume.

For something a little more business friendly, keep the sides short and the top of the hair medium length. Comb the top over to the side to keep it out of your face, and have the best style in the office.

No matter what haircut you choose, make sure to compliment it with the right products. EVO offers a variety of great products for every hairstyle and hair type. Pick yours up today at ERA by Paul Gerrard. Visit us in person or online for more hair advice and great EVO products.


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Cook a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner with Three Butchers Hong Kong

January 30, 2014

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast! A romantic dinner for two at an expensive restaurant may be the typical Valentine’s Day date, but why not make it extra special by cooking a home-cooked meal from the heart from you and your sweetie? With delicious, high quality meat from Three Butchers Hong Kong, your private dinner for two will truly come from the heart. Try this delicious roasted beef rib eye recipe that Three Butchers Hong Kong found just in time for Valentine’s Day.

First, preheat your oven to 200 C. Tie your fresh beef from Three Butchers Hong Kong with individual pieces of string every 5 centimeters. Brush the beef lightly with oil and sear it on all sides over medium-high heat until evenly browned. Season the beef with pepper and salt and rub fresh thyme and sage over it. Tuck a few sage leaves under the string for taste.

Next, place the seasoned beef on a rack in a roasting dish. Add about ½ a cup of water to the roasting dish to keep it juicy. Roast for 60 minutes if you like your beef rare, 75 minutes for medium beef, or 90 minutes for well-done. Use a meat thermometer to double check your roasting time as different ovens will vary in cooking temperature and length.

Remove the roast from the oven, cover loosely with foil, and let rest for 20 minutes before carving. This will let all the juices and flavors really soak in. Carve up your delicious roast beef meal and serve along side some roasted vegetables from your local market and a glass of your favourite red wine.

Want to go all out this Valentine’s Day? No problem! Three Butchers Hong Kong is offering FREE delivery on any orders over $700. For more tasty recipes, cooking advice, and meet other food enthusiasts by visiting Three Butchers Hong Kong online.


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Enjoy a Delicious Chinese New Year with Three Butchers Hong Kong

January 30, 2014

What’s cookin’ this Chinese New Year? With fresh, delicious meat ready to deliver from Three Butchers Hong Kong, the possibilities are endless. Start your New Year off right with this tasty recipe recommended by Three Butchers Hong Kong using high-quality sirloin steak from Three Butchers Hong Kong.

Start with 75g of soft butter from your local market. Mash it with 1 tablespoon of chopped anchovy, 1 tablespoon of drained and chopped capers, 1 chopped shallot, 2 tablespoons of smoked paprika, and pepper to taste. Form into a sausage shape with cling wrap, twist the ends, and chill until firm.

Next, cook 2 large peeled and chopped baking potatoes in boiling, salted water until tender. Drain and steam dry for a couple of minutes. Finish up by mashing with 2 tablespoons of butter and 75ml of double cream.

Finally, heat your oven to 200C. Toss 140g of baby carrots with 25g of spiced butter in a roasting tray. Roast the carrots for 15 to 20 minutes until tender. Heat the rest of the butter in an oven-proof pan and brown 2 mouth-watering grass-fed sirloin steaks from Three Butchers Hong Kong for about 2 minutes on each side. Transfer the steaks to the oven and cook for 10 minutes for medium rare or 15 minutes for well-done. Let cool for 5 minutes before serving to absorb all the delicious juices.

To make your Chinese New Year extra nutritious, serve your meal with a healthy shallot salad. Toss a bunch of chopped parsley and 3 sliced shallots with 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar, and seasoning.

To serve your tasty meal, slice the steak and serve with mash, carrots, and salad on the side and two slices of spiced butter on top. Pair with your favourite red wine!

Running short on time? No problem! Save time and hassle by ordering your Three Butchers Hong Kong sirloin steak online. For extra convenience, have it delivered right to your door! Get great recipes, cooking advice, and meet other food enthusiasts by visiting Three Butchers Hong Kong online.


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The Best Valentine’s Gift Choices At Edible Arrangements HK

January 30, 2014

These days, a lot of people in Hong Kong can most probably agree on one thing: celebrating Valentine’s Day can either be romantic or awkward. Romantic when you already have a special someone and awkward if you’ve been single for quite a while and have yet to find a life partner. Add that to the fact that life in Hong Kong can be so busy, can demand so much of one’s time and makes the possibility of finding love and romance difficult.

Truth be told, however, Valentine’s Day is really not just for couples. It’s for singles, too! It’s for parents and their children, for best friends, for high school buddies, for co-workers. So don’t be afraid to celebrate the Day of Hearts even though you have yet to find your Prince or Princess. Celebrate it with the help of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, the store where you can find the freshest fruits delicately shaped and artistically arranged into beautiful bouquets.

For singles who want to let their other single friends know that they’re remembered on Valentine’s Day or for parents who want to remind their children that they’re just a phone call away, the Lovely Berry Chocolate Bouquet™ is a winner. It’s a fruit bouquet that’s bursting with love!

Now if you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift for just about anyone, get the 12 Pcs Swizzle Berries™ – Semisweet Chocolate Box. It’s perfect as a “just because” gift or even as a gift for all of you co-workers.

So as you can see, Valentine’s Day need not be just for couples. It also does not need to be a tiring affair. With Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s mouthwatering, eye candy fruit bouquets, Valentine’s Day will even be a day that you’ll look forward to every year.

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Business Tips: How To Plan Ahead Your Company’s Chinese New Year in HK

January 28, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 in Hong Kong is fast approaching. Just think of this scenario: so many Chinese (and all others who also observe what they call the Lantern Festival) taking time off work and a lot of factories and businesses are closed including production, shipping and deliveries for about 15 long days. Not to mention the countless activities, family parties and cultural festivities! Is your company ready for this? Have you thought of how you can still protect your business and clients in Hong Kong as well as meet deliverables amid the Chinese New Year celebration? You must plan ahead. Here are some tips from Business Registration Hong Kong on how you can do it.

The Chinese New Year is based on the Lunar calendar so make sure that you have the dates of this year’s celebration right. Take note of the first day of the first month and the 15th day (the culmination). In Hong Kong, most government offices, public utilities as well as banks will be closed from January 31 to February 3, 2014. These are public holidays in Hong Kong.

Plan deliveries. Orders placed before, during or about a day or two after the Chinese New Year could be delayed so make sure that your customers understand the repercussions.

If you’re involved in the food industry or if you operate a mall, you may need to extend your service hours. Not only do Hong Kong residents expect this but tourists who come to HK for the Lunar Festival do as well.

Moreover, be ready to address the possibility that some of your workers may not come back or may ask for a wage increase. This holds particularly true especially for factories that employ many migrant workers. Because they require extra time and effort to go travel back to their families, they may no longer go back and work, unless perhaps you offer extra incentives. You should also be ready to be able to hire and train new staff, just in case some of your old, regular employees do not come back.

On a brighter note, it’s Chinese New Year! So you may also want to organize a party for your company and your employees. This is a very special and important festival for the Chinese and the perfect time for you to also join in the merriment. There are a lot of Hong Kong restaurants and hotels that you could tap for this.


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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Aqua Restaurant Group

January 27, 2014

(Hong Kong, January 22nd, 2014) Aqua Restaurant Group has a choice of very special ways to say, ‘I love you’ this Western & Chinese double Valentine’s Day. From glamorous dining with a view or the chicest spot in Central, Europe’s finest romantic cuisines – French, Spanish or Italian in Soho to unconventional and exciting spicy Thai – there is something for everyone!

Armani/Aqua – Armani/Aqua offers Central’s most glamorous dining destination where ‘Couture meets Cuisine’. The restaurant and its sister nightspot Armani/Privé cannot fail to ‘wow’ for a romantic evening. In anticipation of high demand, the restaurant will be offering its romantic menu on both Friday 14th and Saturday 15th February. Priced at $988 per person, the Valentine’s menu will begin with a specially created cocktail, the Mio Dolce Amore; a martini made with homemade extract of rose petal, fruits of the forest and gin. This will be followed by luxurious dishes including Scampi tartar on Roma tomato carpaccio, Strawberry and port tagliatelle with truffle, Organic Tuscan veal loin with cannellini bean purée and for dessert; Organic strawberries with rosewater jelly and champagne sorbet.

Aqua – Known for its contemporary Italian and Japanese cuisines, dazzling views of Hong Kong’s harbour and skyline and ultra-stylish romantic interiors, Aqua is a natural choice come the 14th February. The Valentine’s menu includes highlights from the restaurant’s award winning Italian and Japanese kitchens such as Chargrilled black cod and king prawn in moro miso, Ravioli stuffed with burratta in a lobster and truffle sauce and White chocolate and pistachio bavarois. As at Armani/Aqua across the harbour, couples will begin the meal with the Mio Dolce Amore cocktail. The 3-course 6pm to 8:45pm sitting and 5-course 9pm onwards sitting are priced at $1,088 and $1,488 respectively.

Hutong – Serving contemporary Northern Chinese cuisine, Hutong’s traditionally inspired interiors are set against the breath-taking Hong Kong skyline. As one would expect, Hutong will be celebrating both Chinese Valentine’s Day and St. Valentine’s on the 14th. Perfect for this Double year, the restaurant has created a luxurious menu for two that will augur a year of happiness and good fortune for the couple. This menu includes the aphrodisiac Green asparagus coated with white sesame and Roasted suckling pig among its starters. Hutong’s well-loved Crispy de-boned lamb ribs and a special dish created for this menu; A half lobster with pork, mushrooms and bean sprouts in a chill sauce are 2 of the 4 main courses on offer. Each table will be gifted with a photograph taken on the evening mounted on the night’s menu and will also have the opportunity to add their Valentine’s wish to Hutong’s famous ‘Wishing Tree’. Priced at $2500 per couple, there is also the luxurious but very well priced option of adding a bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé Impèrial champagne for only $488.

La Marmite – The French are often credited with being the most romantic nation, so a visit to La Marmite will seem an obvious choice for many. A modern take on the traditional neighbourhood Parisian bistro, La Marmite is unpretentious, informal and naturally romantic. The restaurant’s ‘Saint Valentin’ menu begins with a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne followed by 5 courses including such classic dishes as Foie Gras Terrine and Lobster Bisque. Without a doubt, the highlight of the meal will be the choice of two magnificent main courses, both to share – A prime Chateaubriand with classic accompaniments or the lighter Whole grilled sea bass served with a saffron sauce and Ricard flambée. A Grand Marnier chocolate mousse will be the fitting conclusion to a perfectly French meal. La Marmite will have two sittings on February 14th, 6:30 to 8:45pm and 9pm onwards; the menu is priced at $580 per person.

Tivo – Inspired by the neighbourhood trattorias of Milan, Tivo is a less formal but still romantic choice for Valentine’s. Located right at the heart of Wyndham Street, Tivo’s menu starts with a sumptuous Seafood Platter for Sharing including oysters, prawns, smoked salmon, calamari and more, followed by main courses and dessert. Priced at $888 per couple, this meal for 2 includes 2 glasses of Prosecco to begin the evening. Also available is a ‘Sweetheart’s Special’ on Veuve Clicquot champagne, reasonably priced at $628 per bottle. A specially crafted cocktail of cherry brandy, coconut milk, amaretto and vodka topped with chocolate shavings suggestively named, ‘Second Base’ is also available to add oomph to the Valentine’s evening priced at $88 per glass.

Vivo – This chic and intimate contemporary European restaurant in Soho will be serving a sophisticated 4 course menu, including La Gall Oysters, Cuttlefish salad with smoked squid, Grilled Australian wagyu and White chocolate parfait. Priced at $498 per person, couples are also able to take advantage of the special Valentine’s price of $290 per bottle of Kingstone Estate Shiraz or Chardonnay.

Ayuthaiya – Couples looking for an alternative Valentine’s menu, and one guaranteed to spice up their evening should look to Ayuthaiya; Hollywood Road’s chic Thai bar, restaurant and lounge. The Valentine’s menu of contemporary Thai dishes will include starters such as Steamed dumplings with red curry salmon or Betel leaf roll with galangal, ginger and peanut followed by a choice of Soup. Main courses will include a King Crab Stir Fry and Braised Lamb Shank and a Mango and coconut custard with sago pudding will be served for dessert. Priced at just $344 per person, this menu will also include a Strawberry Bellini cocktail to start off the special evening.

Zafran – Zafran; Wyndham Street’s newly opened triple concept restaurant, bar and night lounge is serving a 6 course Valentine’s menu of Spanish persuasion with a glass of Moët & Chandon Rosé Impèrial to start. The menu includes Salt cod brandade, cauliflower and Oscietra caviar, Grilled red prawn and creamy seafood rice, Zafran’s signature Suckling pig and Chocolate textures, olive oil & salt for dessert. This evening of love or lust will have diners seated at either the ‘Cupid’ or ‘Classic’ room, showcasing the venue’s unique dual space; 2 rooms, 2 atmospheres and 2 Live DJ’s adding to the fun. Dinner seating is between 7 and 9pm priced at $688. To follow, French Tuesdays is hosting it’s ‘Les Valentine’s Rose’ party to tempt guests to stay on and boogie ‘till late with specials on Moët Rosé & Belvedere cocktails all night.


About Aqua Restaurant Group:

In 2000, former lawyer David Yeo, launched aqua restaurant with a vision to bring some of the chic restaurant buzz of New York, Tokyo and London to Hong Kong. It proved such a phenomenal success that today Aqua Restaurant Group has grown to a formidable culinary empire of 21 groundbreaking outlets which embraces some of Hong Kong’s most innovative destination restaurants including aqua, Armani/Aqua, Hutong, Tivo, Vivo, Ayuthaiya and La Marmite, an award-winning landmark boutique hotel Hullett House, a traditional authentic Chinese junk experience, aqualuna and talk of the town multi-faceted restaurants in London and Beijing. Throughout the years, Aqua Restaurant Group’s fundamental philosophy has remained unchanged; to prepare exquisite food using the freshest, highest quality produce and to prepare it in a way where the true flavours shine. This is coupled with service that is approachable and unobtrusive, and always in a jaw-droppingly stylish environment that features the very best of innovative Asian-inspired contemporary design, right down to the last small details, which has become the hallmark of the Aqua Restaurant Group. In early 2012, David Yeo was awarded ‘Restaurateur of the Year’ by the prestigious World Gourmet Series. This was followed by the ‘Ospitalità Italiana’ award in September 2012 for Best Italian Restaurant in Hong Kong which was presented to aqua by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.