Keep Your Hair Revitalized with EVO’s Conditioning Line

Do you suffer from dull, lifeless hair? ERA by Paul Gerrard has the solution! EVO’s condition line offers all the products you need to revitalize and replenish your hair.

Flashy hair colour can lift your spirits, update your look, and boost confidence, but it can also cause major damage to your locks. Protect your hair with EVO’s The Therapist Calming conditioner. Best for dry, frizzy, and colour treated hair, the Therapist repairs and hydrates coloured hair, adding vibrance, protection, and shine.

If weak and brittle hair describes your mane, try Ritual Salvation conditioner. This conditioner physically repairs hair while adding shine and strength! As an added bonus, it helps keep your colour from fading and adds extra protection against the sun.

Suffering from a bad case of the hair flops? Amp up the volume with Bride of Gluttony conditioner. Great for any hair type, Bride of Gluttony physically fattens the hair and volumizes without adding any extra weight.

If you’re a no-frills type of person looking to add a little moisture to your hair, Normal Person’s conditioner is perfect for you. Recommended for normal to oily hair, this conditioner combines moisturizers, protein, scalp stimulators, and anti-sebum agents to give you healthy, radiant hair.

Get soft, manageable hair with this great conditioning line by EVO. Pick yours up today at ERA by Paul Gerrard. Visit us in person or online for more hair advice and great EVO products.


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