Anyplex: The Coolest Films on the Coolest Network in Hong Kong!


We’re always thrilled to offer one2free customers the most exciting new entertainment possibilities, from our awesome apps to our fun-filled games. So of course, it’s only natural that one2free would find a way to bring you the very latest, coolest, and most exciting offerings in cinema with Anyplex! Sign up now and enjoy our ever-evolving catalogue of over 400 Hollywood and Asian films. You can enjoy your very own cinema on the move via one2free 4G LTE, or on wifi!

Our Hollywood movies are updated every month so there’s always some scintillating new offering to check back in for. And if you’re concerned about extra data charges, don’t be! Our convenient, low monthly fee includes local mobile data usage, so you’re free to enjoy movies with your iOS and Android smart phones, tablets or Smart TV: worry free!

Simply download Anyplex App to enjoy Anyplex service via iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablet. You can also enjoy Anyplex via selected SmartTV with the same login account. You can order movies in Anyplex with movie vouchers; one movie voucher will be deducted from your account for each movie ordered. Once ordered, you have 48 hours to watch the movie as many time as you want!

one2free is the pre-eminent wireless service provider in all Hong Kong, offering world-class service along with cool new ideas, and lightspeed entertainment options. For more info, please check out any of the following helpful links.


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