Business Tips: How To Plan Ahead Your Company’s Chinese New Year in HK

Chinese New Year 2014 in Hong Kong is fast approaching. Just think of this scenario: so many Chinese (and all others who also observe what they call the Lantern Festival) taking time off work and a lot of factories and businesses are closed including production, shipping and deliveries for about 15 long days. Not to mention the countless activities, family parties and cultural festivities! Is your company ready for this? Have you thought of how you can still protect your business and clients in Hong Kong as well as meet deliverables amid the Chinese New Year celebration? You must plan ahead. Here are some tips from Business Registration Hong Kong on how you can do it.

The Chinese New Year is based on the Lunar calendar so make sure that you have the dates of this year’s celebration right. Take note of the first day of the first month and the 15th day (the culmination). In Hong Kong, most government offices, public utilities as well as banks will be closed from January 31 to February 3, 2014. These are public holidays in Hong Kong.

Plan deliveries. Orders placed before, during or about a day or two after the Chinese New Year could be delayed so make sure that your customers understand the repercussions.

If you’re involved in the food industry or if you operate a mall, you may need to extend your service hours. Not only do Hong Kong residents expect this but tourists who come to HK for the Lunar Festival do as well.

Moreover, be ready to address the possibility that some of your workers may not come back or may ask for a wage increase. This holds particularly true especially for factories that employ many migrant workers. Because they require extra time and effort to go travel back to their families, they may no longer go back and work, unless perhaps you offer extra incentives. You should also be ready to be able to hire and train new staff, just in case some of your old, regular employees do not come back.

On a brighter note, it’s Chinese New Year! So you may also want to organize a party for your company and your employees. This is a very special and important festival for the Chinese and the perfect time for you to also join in the merriment. There are a lot of Hong Kong restaurants and hotels that you could tap for this.


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