Quick Steps To Form Your Company In Hong Kong From The Ground Up

Hong Kong is the mecca of many things. It is a melting pot of rich and varied cultures and human resources. It is the Asian hub of many of the world’s global companies. Hong Kong also offers ease in travel. Hence, there is little wonder why businessmen flock to Hong Kong and want to start their own company in this vibrant city from the ground up.

Now if you’re one of those businessmen who want to start a business in Hong Kong but not entirely sure how to go about it, here are some quick and easy steps for you to take.

1. Decide on which kind of company you’re starting in Hong Kong. Will it be a private limited company or a pre-formed one? Pre-formed companies normally have an authorized share capital of 10,000 x HK$1 shares. A pre-formed company is also available immediately but would still need activation.

2. Have you decided on who your director would be? Will you be open to shareholders? Or do you want to be both the director and the shareholder? This is important because Hong Kong companies need only one shareholder and one director.

3. Your Hong Kong company must have a company secretary. The secretary can either be an individual or a company and must have a Hong Kong registered office address.

There are still several more important things you need to know, though, if you want to start a Hong Kong company. To avoid getting confused with terminologies and other requirements, though, best if you commission a company in Hong Kong that provides professional corporate services.

Why not hire Business Registration Hong Kong? Contact them and see what they can do for you and how they can help you form your HK company.


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