Stay Safe With JamiQ’s Crisis Monitoring Solution

One of the worst things that can happen to your brand is an online crisis that takes on a life of its own and poses a real threat to your brand reputation. It could be a negative comment from a customer that’s gone viral, an online reaction to a brand action in the real world or an accidental post by a staff member. This is why JamiQ offers a crisis monitoring solution. Social media monitoring can help avoid critical situations or help you regain control if one should occur.

Firstly, you should be using a monitoring tool to track mentions of your brand on an ongoing basis and there should be someone responsible for keeping track of it. That’s where JamiQ comes in! JamiQ knows that it’s better to be safe than sorry. JamiQ can help you set up ongoing crisis monitoring that keeps tab on all conversations taking place around your brand on the social media. When a crisis strikes, JamiQ’s expert team keeps you up-to-date on the most critical issues affecting your brand.

If a sudden peak occurs, or conversation appears to be increasing at an unusual rate, especially if it is of negative sentiment, JamiQ alerts you. It’s always a good idea to monitor conversation about your brand and respond to negative posts on a regular basis. By looking into the conversation you will have a greater understanding of why volumes have increased and can then act on it appropriately before it escalates. This is why JamiQ works for your brand around the clock to alert you before it’s too late! With the help of JamiQ and crisis monitoring, you can put out any fires before they start!


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