Stay On Top Of Your Brand’s Perception With JamiQ’s Monitor Everything Feature!

When it comes to tweeting on Twitter and posting on Facebook and LinkedIn, everyone’s doing it. With today’s technology, word about your brand spreads like wildfire. Good or bad, you can bet your customers are talking about your brand. That’s why it’s so important for your brand to monitor what’s being said about you and your competitors. The foundation of social media monitoring is the ability to capture most, if not all, online conversations. Just like a search engine, the more web pages that are covered the better a service it is. JamiQ uses the world’s best search engines, APIs, RSS feeds, and specially built web crawlers to monitors the social media in real-time. Eliminate excess social media noise to find the specific social conversations that are relevant to your business with sophisticated search-based social media monitoring.

Our Monitor Everything feature helps you understand the conversations that are important to your social community before, during and after your social marketing campaign. Gain new insights about your company, customers and competitors by tapping into social media conversations with the exclusive Monitor Everything feature offered at JamiQ. Our revolutionary design and relentless approach enables us to capture social media posts on blogs, forums, microblogs, news, social networks, video sites, and more. Based in Asia, JamiQ specializes in monitoring the diverse and multilingual Asian social media.

Discover the most meaningful conversations for your business with filters by topic, social media channel, language, and geography. Understand social conversation volume, sentiment, and trends.  Track ongoing conversations for immediate engagement and research historical discussions. Contact JamiQ and request a demo to know where your customers talk about you and your competitors.

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