Look Fabulous in Red Hair with ERA by Paul Gerrard Hong Kong

Red is the colour of passion. Red is fierce, red is bold, red is strong. Now you can look fabulous in red with help from ERA by Paul Gerrard.

Before choosing which shade of red is right for you, make sure you know that red hair requires high hair maintenance! Red hair colour bleeds easily, so the cool water for shampooing is recommended. Use a shampoo that’s made to keep hair colour vibrant and bold like Ritual Salvation Shampoo from EVO. Treat your red hair with EVO’s Fabuloso line to keep your hair from fading too quickly.


Now that you’re ready to take great care of your red hair, it’s time to find the perfect shade for your complexion. First, figure out if your skin is warm or cool. A great way to do this is to think of the colours you normally look best in. If you love the way you look in cool colours like blue, yellows, and white, you most likely have a cool skin tone. If you look better in deeper, earthy tones like mahogany, orange, and pink, you most likely have a warm skin tone.


Warm skin tones look best with natural and darker shades of red. Burgundy, auburn, and mahogany are just a few to try. Purple undertones are a great way to make red work for warm skin tones. Cool skin tones can pull off any shade of red! Lucky you! If you want to keep it tame, try a nice copper red colour. For something a little more exciting, get vivid with a pure, fire hydrant red.

Are you ready for red? Call ERA by Paul Gerrard to book your hair appointment at +852 2577 3080. Our hair experts will help you choose the perfect shade of red and will provide you with all the EVO products you need to keep your hair happy and healthy and make your colour last. For more great tips on makeup, hair, and fashion, visit ERA by Paul Gerrard online.


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