Hire 1, 2, Even 3 Of Hong Kong Sideways Red Bull Simulators For Your Event!

Looking for a new, unique, and exciting way to make your next private event fun and memorable? Look no further than Sideways Driving Club! Experience the pinnacle of MotorSport from a Formula One Drivers perspective with our Red Bull simulators ideally suited for entertainment at any event. Use our simulators at your corporate event to encourage team building with our championship format. Drivers are awarded points for the position they each finish in a series of races and then crowned ‘The Champions’! Your event has never been more exciting! Take your event to the next level! Hire Sideways Driving Club HK Red Bull Race Simulators!

Sideways  offers Red Bull simulators for hire for anyone who loves to experience “the real thing,” providing you with the ultimate driving experience! The simulators we use at Sideways are endorsed and used by racing drivers around the world, including real F1 drivers. Macau Grand Prix winner, Darryl O’Young, used a simulator at Sideways in preparation for his Macau Porsche Cup Race and for Monza and PS racing instructor, Pete Olson, recommends recommends Sideways to all drivers he coaches! This is the real deal!

Hyper simulators are available as chassis kits, with or without Hyper’s PC controls. The chassis replicates the driving position of a racing car cockpit while one or more bass shakers mounted to the chassis and a 25 watt amp send shivers from the bum to the brain! With this kind of action, your event or party will be the talk of the town until your next one! So what are you waiting for? Contact Sideways today at our booking hotline: 2523 0983 or e-mail us at racing@sideways-driving-club.com to book your event and hire our Red Bull simulators for your next event!


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