Kissing Diamonds Engagement Ring – Saying Yes! Yes! Yes!

When you propose, you want everything to be as perfect as she is. The time, the place, the words, the engagement ring; all have to be just right. Kissing Diamonds stunning settings and perfectly matched stones will leave her almost speechless. She may need a moment to collect herself, but she’ll be sure to say, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Kissing Diamonds offers a variety of styles to celebrate your romance. You may choose a design with three primary stones to represent your love’s past, present and future. Those same three stones might represent you, her, and your child as you start your family love story.

If her preference is for a single primary stone, perhaps you will select an engagement ring in which the Kissing Diamond is elevated, like your romance, over a band of eternity. No matter which ring you choose to celebrate your love, she’ll be moved to say “Yes!”

Kissing Diamonds are designed in New York and available from selected, exclusive retailers worldwide. Your love story is unique and her engagement ring will be also. She will know that you took the time and care to seek out the best, most perfect representation of your love; one she’ll carry with her always.

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