Kissing Diamonds – It Started With A Kiss!


Boy meets girl. Boy kisses girl–or she kisses him! Either way, your love started with a kiss. Kissing Diamonds engagement rings are a physical symbol of the love that began it all.

Kissing Diamonds are designed to celebrate and reflect the kind of passionate attraction that leads to lasting love. In each ring, perfectly matched diamonds are poised tip to tip within, igniting a fire of brilliant connection like the kiss that lit up your romance. A Kissing Diamonds ring symbolises the pure meeting between souls in a way no other engagement or wedding ring can.

Your story began with a kiss, and the kisses continue. A kiss to celebrate. A kiss to soothe. A kiss to heal. A kiss to say hello. A kiss to say I will see you soon. A kiss to say good morning, goodnight, I love you, forever. A Kissing Diamonds ring will let your love carry those kisses with her all day, every day. You are always in her heart, and a reminder of your love is always right at hand when you give a Kissing Diamond.


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