How Business Registration Hong Kong Can Help Make Your HK Staff Happy

Entrepreneurs know this by heart. Happy employees are motivated, hardworking employees. Hardworking employees mean better productivity and higher chances of more sales, deals and yes, a healthier working environment. Hence, company owners should always make it a point to keep their employees feeling happy and well taken care of.


In Hong Kong, making employees feel contented (thus lowering the rate of staff turnover) is easy to do. This can be done with the help of Business Registration Hong Kong.

You see, Business Registration Hong Kong can help make the appropriate filings for your staff (both local or expat) before the Inland Revenue Department. Business Registration Hong Kong can also help enroll your staff into an approved Mandatory Provident Fund or MPF. These involve requiring both the company or employer and the HK staff to each contribute 5% of the employee’s gross monthly salary to a contribution limit. These measures are important when you have a company in Hong Kong and you want to legally employ people. And yes, to make things fair and let the staff know that you are keen on following proper work laws.


To know more about MPFs and even payroll services, give Business Registration Hong Kong a call today. They’ve been helping make a lot of companies’ staff happy since 1987!

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