It’s Your Data!

Having social media for your brand is vital in today’s world of technology. Whether you are sharing statuses, uploading photos, or generating interest for your company, social media can be a great marketing tool. As data gets bigger, more ubiquitous, and more social, you’re right in assuming that at least some of it is important to you and your business. You’re posting regularly and engaged with consumers through social media. However, with as many platforms that are available, it is often difficult to make sure you are managing all of your social media data adequately. That’s why JamiQ helps you keep track with our It’s Your Data feature!


JamiQ lets you view every individual entry and its attributes in an interactive table. Use the filters to manipulate the data focusing on exactly what you need. All data captured on JamiQ is kept for up to 6 months. For more advanced and detailed manipulation, all your data is available for download to Excel. Using a spreadsheet is a great way to keep track of all the data that comes in after you start using JamiQ’s It’s Your Data feature.


Social media is a must for your company. However, organized social media is even more important. JamiQ will help make sure that you are keeping up with everything that is online for your company. All social media data should be viewed through the lens of your overall business goals. Evaluate your data on the basis of how you’re doing in pursuit of those goals, and leverage this information to drive decisions about better positioning your brand in the marketplace. With the help of JamiQ and our It’s Your Data feature, your brand will be celebrating its success!

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