The Real Heart Of The ERA By Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong

April 30, 2014

You may not think about this often but it takes more than fancy interiors, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and expensive signature shampoos, conditioners and other hair products to produce the best, most fitting hairstyle for salon patrons. The real deciding factor is, undoubtedly, the real heart of a good salon – its resident hairstylists.


Mind you, not all hairstylists can do the job and do it real well. This is why the best bet is always a visit to ERA by Paul Gerrard Salon and leave your mane concerns to their efficient, skillful and pleasant stylists.


Meet Mike, for instance. Mike is a 25 year old stylist born in Hong Kong. When you meet him you quickly realize he has hidden depths and an easy smile. Don’t you just want a pleasant hair stylist who understands what you need but can also give great recommendations? Tell Mike the kind of look you want, give him time and come out looking like a star ready to walk the red carpet and flash that new hairstyle.


Mike works at ERA by Paul Gerrard, where his skills are paired with sleek and modern salon equipment and interiors. Because the salon only uses quality, tried-and-tested products, you can be sure that your locks are safe.


So go ahead and meet Mike at ERA by Paul Gerrard Salon. Put your mane under his ever skillful hands. Call and set an appointment today. Dial +852 2577 3080. You can also visit the salon at G/F, 36 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.


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April 29, 2014

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) is based in South Africa and advocates for increased access to treatment, care and support services for people living with HIV and organizes campaigns to reduce new HIV infections.


The aim of TAC’s Fix the Patent Laws campaign is to put pressure on government to urgently amend its Intellectual Properties (IP) legislation (including both the Patents Act 57 of 1978 and Medicines and Related Substances Control Amendment Act of 1997) to fully adopt the flexibilities allowed under the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) to protect public health. The TAC, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and SECTION27 have been campaigning to Fix the Patent Laws in South Africa since November 2011.


South Africa, a country with the largest number of people living with HIV in the world, a burgeoning TB epidemic, and other public health crises such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, has remarkably strict intellectual property restrictions. Currently South Africa grants an excessive number of pharmaceutical patents—more than most developed or developing countries— without examining applications to determine their validity. The current system allows companies to file patents for new uses of medicines, or make obvious minor improvements or modifications to a known drug, in order to gain a secondary patent on the existing compound. This is a process known as “ever-greening” that has become increasingly prolific in recent years. Excessive patenting delays the entry of affordable generic medicines to the market for extended periods of time. The current laws put the rights of the patent-holder before the rights of the people.

Throughout the campaign TAC has been working to build pressure on the government to urgently amend South Africa’s IP legislation, as well as build public knowledge of the problems with the existing laws. In September 2013, after five years of development, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) finally released the Draft National Policy on Intellectual Property (DNPIP) for public comment. Although lacking somewhat in substance and clarity, TAC publicly welcomed the DNPIP as it proposed several mechanisms to limit the negative impact of IP on public health. The TAC, together with MSF and SECTION27, developed a robust and detailed set of policy recommendations in order to improve the content of the DNPIP and inform the legislative drafting Is process. Through this campaign, TAC will continue to build pressure on the government to urgently adopt TRIPS flexibilities into national legislation and amend existing provisions to ensure they are practically feasible to implement, leading to improved access to affordable medicines, saving the lives of millions of people across South Africa.


TAC and partner organisation have been working extensively to educate the public on IP  issues through running public consultations and workshops on the DNPIP, as well as through various published materials like the Fix the Patent Laws Activist Guide.


If South Africa amended its patent system to include a substantive examination system fewer patents would be granted. Additionally, South Africa can use flexibilities allowed under TRIPS, including setting strict patentability standards and establishing a pre- and post-grant opposition mechanism, to ensure only true innovation is rewarded. This would lead to a drop in the cost of, and improved access to, medicines in both the public and private sectors. Furthermore, when legitimate patents result in medicines being priced out of reach, actions that mitigate high prices, such as compulsory licensing, must be practically feasible to implement to ensure accessibility.


For further information on the Fix the Patent Laws Campaign visit the website here.


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Business Registration Hong Kong Leads You To A Clear Business Banking Path

April 28, 2014


In Hong Kong and in just about any urban, highly developed city that a lot of businesses thrive in, connections are everything. Businessmen who want to avail of the best services most often than not have good, solid connections. Sometimes these connections are established through time. However, tere are also connections that are built because an entrepreneur or a company was introduced to another service provider by a recognized leader in providing quality corporate services.


This holds true for Business Registration Hong Kong and its clients that want to establish a clear business banking relationship with local Hong Kong banks. Establishing a good banking relationship is important for entrepreneurs since this does not only help their portfolio and corporate background but they may even be offered rewarding banking services fit for their businesses and may avail of banking services without too much hassle.


Imagine you’re a foreigner who goes to a local Hong Kong bank like HSBC, wanting to open an account for your export business. Normally, the bank will require a director of the company to attend a meeting with the bank before an account can be opened. This will take time and effort. Not to mention requirements. However, with the help of Business Registration Hong Kong, things like document certifications, processing and even that one important meeting with the bank can be held in one sitting. Now that’s a real time saver, yes?


Follow a clear path to business banking with the help of Business Registration Hong Kong. Treat them as your partner in business growth and development.


VisitBusiness Registration Hong Kong






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How Business Registration Hong Kong Can Help Your Business Today

April 24, 2014

Hong Kong is a vibrant, busy, bustling city that offers budding and existing entrepreneurs so many opportunities to excel in business. Because Hong Kong offers state-of-the-art technology, services and communication facilities, there’s really little wonder why most, if not all, of the major companies all over the world see to it that they have a base in Asia and that base is in Hong Kong.

For businessmen who also want to have a piece of the action in Hong Kong, there’s only one important decision to make – let Business Registration Hong Kong step in and help.


Business Registration Hong Kong is part of a well-known Hong Kong corporate services group, operating in Hong Kong since 1987. With that many years under its belt, you can be sure that a lot of companies have seen success with the help of Business Registration Hong Kong.


But how can Business Registration Hong Kong help your business exactly? Just think of it this way – have everything you need processed and certified in just one go. Or choose corporate services that your business needs without hassle. That’s what Business Registration Hong Kong offers – a one-stop shop. They’ll provide customized services for your company – from accounting to tax to Hong Kong work and investment visas to payroll to banking to trade and shipping services to statutory returns. They can even provide a correspondence address that you could use while you hunt for your new Hong Kong office.


Don’t you think you deserve ease, comfort and efficiency as you begin your journey as an entrepreneur in Hong Kong? Leave it to Business Registration Hong Kong to get things done.


Visit them now at Suite 4110, 41/F, Office Tower, Convention Plaza, No. 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Set an appointment by calling +852 92483055 or send email to


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How JamiQ Can Easily Help Your Brand Go Global

April 18, 2014

Is going global the next step for your company or brand? If you haven’t infused social media marketing in your strategy plan yet, then now’s the best time to start. On the other hand, if you have been using social media marketing for quite some time now, you’d know how crucial it is to be able to monitor all online conversations about your brand. Add to this the fact that you need to monitor and understand the conversations in all languages and from just about any market. Do you already feel the pressure? Don’t. JamiQ has the answer!

JamiQ offers its award-winning Multilingual Monitoring software. Brands can use this multilingual social media monitoring software to listen, measure and gain insights from the online conversations surrounding your brand. You can monitor in any language – be it Korean, German, Spanish, Chinese – any language! This is important especially if you want to take your brand to the global scale.

Translators translating social media feeds

Now if you see a certain paragraph written in a foreign language and you spot your brand within the paragraph, you can choose the one-click translation option. The JamiQ multilingual monitoring feature really makes it easy for brand and marketing folks to detect sentiment, check trending stuff in real time and see critical insights that could make or break business.


If you’re ready to present your brand to the world, then JamiQ is more than ready to help. Visit and be the next brand to beat!

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Capture Online Conversations About Your Brand With JamiQ

April 18, 2014


A lot of companies and brands’ online marketing strategies have changed and will still continue to change, with social media marketing being at the forefront of their plans. This is to be expected, however. After all, social media marketing has proven its worth in terms of attracting new customers, engaging existing ones and solidifying their online presence. However, given the vastness of the Internet, is it even possible to capture all online feedback, engagement and conversations about your brand? With the help of JamiQ, this is totally possible!


JamiQ uses the world’s best search engines, APIs, RSS feeds, and specially built web crawlers to monitor the social media world – and they even do this in real-time. Blogs, forums, microblogs, social networks, news sites, video sites and more will be monitored by JamiQ. This means you can detect any kind of sentiment about your brand or company on the fly. This then allows you to craft and post a reaction that’s suitable for such sentiment.

The best thing about this Monitor Everything feature? JamiQ can also monitor the diverse and multilingual Asian social media. No need to search and check each and every website that may have a topic about your brand or company. No need to learn each and every Asian language just to decipher customers’ sentiments. JamiQ’s Monitor Everything feature will do that all for you. How is that for efficiency?


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April 18, 2014


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