How To Salvage Damaged Hair – Tips From Natani Of ERA By Paul Gerrard Salon HK


A lot of women have fallen prey to this – the promise of gorgeous, shiny, bouncy hair even after a long chemical treatment. After just a few days, the hair then shows damage and one realizes that the only way to deal with it is go to a salon that has professional hairstylists and yes, has quality hair products that can help restore damaged hair.



Take it from Natani, one of the experienced hair stylists in ERA by Paul Gerrard salon. With 14 years experience under her belt, she says that using proper, tried-and-tested products can help breathe new life to chemically-afflicted hair. One of these products is the EVO Ritual Salvation shampoo, which is available at the salon. A gentle, moisturizing shampoo, this transforms dry hair and restores moisture, strength and shine. Best for colored hair.


Natani also says that certain environmental factors can also affect the health, texture and behavior of hair. This is why it’s important to use products that can gently clean and help protect the hair all day long.


Experience the magic of EVO hair products only at ERA by Paul Gerrard. Let only professional hairstylists take care of your precious locks!


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