How JamiQ Can Easily Help Your Brand Go Global

Is going global the next step for your company or brand? If you haven’t infused social media marketing in your strategy plan yet, then now’s the best time to start. On the other hand, if you have been using social media marketing for quite some time now, you’d know how crucial it is to be able to monitor all online conversations about your brand. Add to this the fact that you need to monitor and understand the conversations in all languages and from just about any market. Do you already feel the pressure? Don’t. JamiQ has the answer!

JamiQ offers its award-winning Multilingual Monitoring software. Brands can use this multilingual social media monitoring software to listen, measure and gain insights from the online conversations surrounding your brand. You can monitor in any language – be it Korean, German, Spanish, Chinese – any language! This is important especially if you want to take your brand to the global scale.

Translators translating social media feeds

Now if you see a certain paragraph written in a foreign language and you spot your brand within the paragraph, you can choose the one-click translation option. The JamiQ multilingual monitoring feature really makes it easy for brand and marketing folks to detect sentiment, check trending stuff in real time and see critical insights that could make or break business.


If you’re ready to present your brand to the world, then JamiQ is more than ready to help. Visit and be the next brand to beat!

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