HTC One M8 exclusive offer at one2free! Best Deal in Hong Kong!


one2free latest offer on HTC One M8 is just too good to resist!You can get a free Philips headphone which is priced $499. It also comes with the amazing HTC Dot View Casing!Designed Oh! Club members can even get an extra 6-month warranty and crystal stickers!

HTC One M8’s stereo speaker at the front side is really stunning. When you play video with it, the sound is so vivid that makes you feel like being in the theatre! With its latest upgrade of cameras and the elegant yet cool metallic body, there is nothing not perfect about it! With one2free fastest LTE network in Hong Kong, reviews rave in Hong Kong!

This one2free offer really fits all my needs as a trendy socialholic!  Know more on one2free’s website here:


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