one2free Fitogether Challenge! Keep Fit to Win Prizes? It is possible!


Hot actress Cherry Ngan & Sportsman celebrity Alex Fong keep fit with one2free Fans!


It is chance now! one2freeFitogther Challenge is the perfect chnace to keep fit with a reason! It is your chance to win $50,000 prizes!

How to join? You will need to partner up to form a 1 male, 1 female team. Then you will sign up HERE. Remember to state your reason to join, then you will have a chance to be selected for the challenge!

In the challenge you will need to take video of your physical trainings including Speed, and Strength. The winning teams will win prizes of $100,000 in total. Additionally, 2 Samsung GALAXY S5 & a year of one2free service will be given to the team with most Likes on their videos!

You will even be supported by Alex Fong & Cherry Ngan at the Final Match on 1st June, 2014! So cool!

Wait no more! Be the first to partner up and join the Fitogether Challenge:

one2free Facebook Page:

one2free Sina Weibo:

one2free official website:

one2free shops:




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