Get Sexy Spring-Ready Hair At Paul Gerrard Salon In Hong Kong

May 1, 2014

Spring season is synonymous to crisp, lovely weather, fun times with friends and yes, bouncy, voluptuous hair! It is simply a must to get your hair ready for spring season. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have sexy yet manageable hair while you enjoy spring?

So before you meet up with friends and plan your spring vacation escapades, the best way to get spring-ready hair is to book a hair appointment at Paul Gerrard Salon in Hong Kong today!

Paul Gerrard Salon offers a wide range of hair care services – from cutting to colour works to conditioning. The salon’s professional hairstylists, who have all received the highest form of training from around the globe, will listen to you and give advice on which hairstyle to get.


Been eyeing soft hair highlights for your spring look? Your Paul Gerrard Salon stylist will give you a wide range of choices that fit your face frame and personality best.

To ensure that your hair treatments are well-maintained, drop by the salon regularly for conditioning. The 3+1 Japanese Intensive conditioning treatment is highly recommended!


Get that spring-ready look by making a hair appointment atPaul Gerrard Salon . Visit them at 1st and 2nd floor, Wah Hing House, 35 Pottinger Street, Central Hong Kong. Bring friends!


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Summer Bride? HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong Helps You Choose The Perfect Gown

May 1, 2014

For brides-to-be who love the sun, sand and sea, getting married during summer is, more often than not, a given. It is the perfect season to exchange “I do’s” in the outdoors – be it a beach wedding or a garden wedding. Summer brides will also love the weather and the fact that they will have the option to wear nice wedding gowns made of light fabric.

If you’re a summer bride, HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong has the following quick tips for you on how to choose the perfect bridal gown:

1. Buy a summer wedding gown that is made of the right fabric. If you’re getting hitched at the beach, for instance, go for a wedding dress that’s made of light silk, cotton eyelet or organza. You can also go for a wedding gown that clings to your body and highlights your curves but still makes you feel comfortable and lets you move freely. Try this David Fielden bridal dress that’s available at HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong:


2. Try to avoid buying long wedding dresses that have flowing trains. This might not be an appropriate one to wear especially during beach weddings. Instead, focus on wedding gowns that are of floor length.

3. Go for designer wedding gowns. This is, after all, your big special day! You deserve only the best. This Rivini creation below, for instance, is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Fluid, sophisticated and with lovely, tasteful details, your wedding guests can’t help but say their “oohs” and “aahs” when they see you in this:


Loved these summer wedding gowns? You can visit HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong for more choices. Feel free to ask for recommendations from the shop’s professional consultants.

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HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong Shares Tips To Capture Great Must-Take Wedding Photos

May 1, 2014

Photos are essential in all weddings. Nothing beats having special moments during a wedding, especially spontaneous or candid ones, captured on film. Wedding photos will serve as lovely mementos of that one beautiful day full of love and hope. Still, there are certain wedding photos that can be considered “must-take.” These are photos that absolutely every wedding album should have. How can you be sure though that these must-take wedding photos turn out to be great?


Here are a few tips from your friends over at HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong, the best one-stop Hong Kong bridal shop:


1. Keep all wedding details in check and within reach. These include the rings, your shoes, your significant other’s tux or suit or perhaps a favorite watch, the wedding cord and veil, among others. Keeping them within reach is important because your wedding photographer would need to document them and may even use them for artistic takes.


2. If your family and your partner’s loved ones are staying in the same hotel where you need to be prepped up, make sure that they are all dressed, made up and ready at least two hours before you all proceed to the wedding venue. This is to ensure that your wedding photographer can take proper photos of them with you and other members of the entourage.


3. Get a jovial wedding reception host. This person need not be a professional host. As long as he or she can carry a crowd and make you and your guests feel at ease, then that’s what matters. Your wedding photographer can then capture nice candid shots of your guests’ reactions, laughter and smiles.


All in all, however, the most important tip of all is – remember that this is your special day. You have all the right to enjoy and have fun to your heart’s content!


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Ready For A New Look? Book A Hair Appointment At ERA By Paul Gerrard Now

May 1, 2014


Ready for a change? Want to be more adventurous in terms of hairstyle? How about getting new, funky highlights or a shorter, stylish hairdo that will surprise many of your friends? Getting a new look that can definitely help enhance your features is just a phone call away. Here are just a few reasons why you should book a hair appointment at ERA by Paul Gerrard.

First off, the hairstylists at ERA by Paul Gerrard are well-recognized as creative, skillful individuals who know hair, skin care, personal well-being and make-up. These are professionals who have years of experience under their belt. They are also well-versed with the latest hair trends, colors of the season and good, effective skin care.


Secondly, ERA by Paul Gerrard uses EVO hair care products and EVO’s five step system to keep hair looking shiny and beautiful. The Five Steps by EVO teaches anyone how to take perfect care of their hair. When you book a hair appointment at ERA by Paul Gerrard, ask about this because no matter what your hair flaws are – be it frizz, dryness or limpness – EVO has the best shampoo for that!

Thirdly, you can be sure that the salon equipment at ERA by Paul Gerrard are modern and sanitized. This means comfort and ease during your stay at the salon.

There are still a lot more reasons why you should book a hair appointment at ERA by Paul Gerrard but go ahead and experience the magic yourself! Call and set an appointment today. Dial +852 2577 3080. You can also visit the salon at G/F, 36 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.


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