HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong Shares Tips To Capture Great Must-Take Wedding Photos

Photos are essential in all weddings. Nothing beats having special moments during a wedding, especially spontaneous or candid ones, captured on film. Wedding photos will serve as lovely mementos of that one beautiful day full of love and hope. Still, there are certain wedding photos that can be considered “must-take.” These are photos that absolutely every wedding album should have. How can you be sure though that these must-take wedding photos turn out to be great?


Here are a few tips from your friends over at HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong, the best one-stop Hong Kong bridal shop:


1. Keep all wedding details in check and within reach. These include the rings, your shoes, your significant other’s tux or suit or perhaps a favorite watch, the wedding cord and veil, among others. Keeping them within reach is important because your wedding photographer would need to document them and may even use them for artistic takes.


2. If your family and your partner’s loved ones are staying in the same hotel where you need to be prepped up, make sure that they are all dressed, made up and ready at least two hours before you all proceed to the wedding venue. This is to ensure that your wedding photographer can take proper photos of them with you and other members of the entourage.


3. Get a jovial wedding reception host. This person need not be a professional host. As long as he or she can carry a crowd and make you and your guests feel at ease, then that’s what matters. Your wedding photographer can then capture nice candid shots of your guests’ reactions, laughter and smiles.


All in all, however, the most important tip of all is – remember that this is your special day. You have all the right to enjoy and have fun to your heart’s content!


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