2014’s Amazing Hairstyles At Paul Gerrard Salon In Hong Kong

May 2, 2014

You know you want this – a beauty transformation, a season makeover, a big change, a whole new YOU! Best way to start? Get an amazing, trendy hairstyle at Paul Gerrard Salon, where highly trained, professional hairstylists will cut, color, style and condition your hair and let you come out looking like a whole new person. Consider the year 2014 as the best time to come out of that shell and emerge as a foxy lady. Ready? Check out these amazing hairstyles that are in this 2014!

How about finally copying your favorite Korean actress’ cropped fringe? Even world-renowned designer Marc Jacobs lets his models wear this bold and brave fringe. A choppy bob with bangs is another alternative. Models walking the runway for Balmain have been seen sporting this hairstyle. Or you can still keep it long and wispy just like this one below. Just don’t forget to ask your Paul Gerrard Salon hairstylist to give your hair a health kick and shine boost with either a moisture mask or protein repair conditioning treatment.


If you’re feeling a little more playful, though, how about getting a new hair color? Lo and behold, ombre hair is still getting so much attention in 2014. Or if you want to go all out and turn blonde, ask your Paul Gerrard Salon hairstylist how long the treatment would take. You might want to bring friends along to have an instant girl bonding session at the salon!


For those who still want to maintain their long hair, wavy locks are in this 2014. It’s that hairstyle that makes you appear as if you’ve just gotten back from the beach. Short haired ladies who want instant gratification need not worry, though. Paul Gerrard also offers hair extensions.

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