Embrace Those Curves with Sono Vaso Maternity Clothes


Sono Vaso Maternity Fashion Blogger Lani has got it figured out–embrace those curves! Her toddler and baby-to-be approve and we bet Dad does too! Right now Lani is excited about how the Rosalie Striped Maxi adjusts to her changing figure with a nifty pull tie, and the way the bold stripes draw the eye to all the right places. She feels slimmer in it and that’s important to her. Rosalie will keep her cool this summer. If the weather turns too cool or if it rains, it’s easy to add a topper to keep you cozy.


She also loves the Jana Lace Tunic fromSono Vaso, and it looks like her toddler does too! With such soft lace, it’s no wonder.


Lani has discovered thatSono Vaso makes quality clothes that are endlessly versatile. Our tops look great with pants, shorts or a skirt. Sleeveless items make it easy to layer and keep your body temp “just right.” All of our items look great on their own and have even more Wow factor with your personal accessories and favorite shoes. Best of all,Sono Vaso makes clothes that will carry you through pregnancy, into nursing, and even beyond into your permanent collection. Wherever you’ve got curves,Sono Vaso will flatter!


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