Maternity In Style: Sono Vaso Nine Months of Dressing the Bump

Sono Vaso will take you everywhere you need to go. From Modal Basics to of-the-moment bird prints, to soft, feminine lace, we’ve got you covered! Get out there and enjoy–and send us a pic to show what you’ve been up to. Looks like Julie (below) had a great time at a wedding and looked fabulous in herSono Vaso dress!


We know you are out there–at work, shopping for your family, taking big brother or sister to play dates or school, and so much more. We also know you look fabulous while doing it! Share your style with us and you’ll get a US$20 gift voucher toward your next online purchase! Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+, using #sonovaso, #sonovasomaternity or #RWWSV.




















You may recognizeSono Vaso Maternity Fashion Blogger Lani (above). She wrote recently about embracing her curves and how much she appreciates having access to clothes with much better quality than the usual department store fare. We are here for women like Julie, Lani and YOU.Sono Vaso wants you to feel and look your best all the way through pregnancy and beyond. That’s why we offer quality, versatile clothing at reasonable prices. Won’t you share your story? Snap a pic of your day inSono Vaso!

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