petit bazaar Children’s Store Introduces Cozy Photo Hub Hong Kong

Here atpetit bazaar, we love new children’s photography studio Cozy Photo Hub, a unique, home feel photography studio based in Hong Kong.  Cozy Photo Hub believes quality, timeless photography is both a valuable investment and a great gift for loved ones. They provide parents with a memorable and personalised photography experience every time, with simple, natural, warm elements that provide a perfect background for capturing an intimate smile or embracing your kid’s exceptional personality.


We might be a bit biased, because they make petit bazaar’s stylish, unique and creative

kid’s furniture, kid’s toys, baby gifts, and kid’s clothes come to life in their fun and professional photoshoots, but hey, that’s OK because we’ve teamed up with them to bring you 20% off a photo shoot for the members or customers of  petit bazaar only! This promotion can be used for all packages at Cozy Photo Hub, although it cannot be combined with any other current promotions or special offers.


Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to showcase your little one in the most expressive but natural way possible, with the deftly creative and always professional photography experts at Cozy Photo Hub today. Can you imagine a better gift for you or your family? We sure can’t!

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