Racing Action Is As Real As It Gets At Sideways Driving Club

Sideways Driving Club is the premiere venue for virtual racing in Hong Kong. They provide an experience that is so close to driving the real thing – be it a BMW Mini, a V8Supercar or – get this, – even a Formula One car! Need solid proof as to how the racing action is as real as it gets over at Sideways Driving Club? Let’s count the ways!

Did you know that Sideways Driving Club’s simulators are so good even real-life superstar race drivers such as Matthew Solomon, Darryl O’Young, Matthew Marsh, Pete Olson, James Atter and many others use them to hone their driving skills? Now THAT’s amazing, don’t you think so?


The simulators at Sideways Driving Clubare endorsed and used by racing drivers around the world, including real F1 drivers. Macau Grand Prix winner Darryl O’Young used a simulator at Sidewaysin preparation for his Macau Porsche Cup Race. Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Champion Matthew Marsh and Formula BMW Asia Champion Ross Jamison are also other star race drivers who have given Sideways Driving Club’s simulators their own stamps of approval.


So the next time you want to treat your employees for working real hard on a big project or if you want to hold a fun birthday party like no other, book Sideways Driving Club. Let your friends, family and colleagues channel their inner Formula One-level mad driving skills and have the time of their lives.


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