New Samsung GALAXY S5 Special! Best Deal in Hong Kong at one2free!



Listen up social media Fans! The best mobile service network provider of one2free is offering a new special for new-comers interested in Samsung latest android smartphone Samsung GALAXY S5! one2free’s latest Samsung GALAXY S5 special offers the social media adept a chance to stay social all the time with ease. With this new Samsung GALAXY S5 offer, new-coming one2free customers has an advantageous and well-organized chance to stay connected.

During this one2free special, two Samsung GALAXY S5 and 4-Sim cards sharing 20GB mobile data are available for an incredible $0! In addition, customers will receive Socialholic Unlimited Data Package for 3 months. It lets you stay active on Facebook, Sina Weibo & WeChat without any thought of data usage. It basically enables you to view and upload within the mobile apps with unlimited data. Want to share your ideas and thoughts to friends and followers with limitation? Choosing this offer will make it as easy as eating cake.

For those interested in getting and staying fit, along with the Free Socialholic data package,  the new Samsung Gear Fit is offered at a very special price. With the use of Samsung GALAXY S5, Gear Fit, getting physical  with a consistent routine of exercise activity is all offered in one amazing, convenient, unbeatable package.

This special one2free offer is everything a trendy socialholic needs to get fit, and stay connected.  You can’t go wrong with one2free. You can only get it more right!


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