Children’s Furniture From Petit Bazaar Hong Kong Will Beautify Your Home In A Snap

One of the challenges of living in Hong Kong is choosing the proper furniture for your apartment, condo or home. Space is almost always limited in Hong Kong and homeowners are usually forced to purchase furniture that’s not only tasteful and of fantastic quality but space saving and friendly to children as well.


Good thing Petit Bazaar Hong Kong now also carries kid-friendly tables, desks and chairs. Definitely good news for families especially those that still have babies and toddlers in their midst!


Take the Laurette Butterfly Chair. This beautifully handcrafted children’s furniture comes in a set of 3. The dimension of this cotton chair with steel frame are as follows: width 54 x depth 58 x height 66 cm. This even comes in 3 colors!


Another pretty choice is the Laurette Bedside Table Le Chevet Des Secrets. Hand painted, covered with matte and washable paint, this stylish bedside table is just the perfect size for a small room. You can also train your child to stash away his or her stuff in the 3 drawers.


For more children’s furniture, visit the Petit Bazaar website. You will love their array of custom made furniture – all investment pieces and best for small spaces. Beautify your home today!


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