Harness Your Racing Skills With 5 Hours Free At Sideways Driving Club HK


Are you someone who does not only like to drive but actually love to race…virtually, that is? Ever wanted to experience how it is to drive a Formula One car or perhaps a V8Supercar or a BMW Mini? At Sideways Driving Club, we provide a heart thumping racing experience like no other!

Sideways Driving Club is the premiere venue for virtual racing in Hong Kong. The racing experience one gets at Sideways Driving Club HK is so close to the real thing that even real-life superstar race drivers such as Formula BMW Asia Champion Ross Jamison, Matthew Solomon, Macau Grand Prix winner Darryl O’Young, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Champion Matthew Marsh, Pete Olson, James Atter and many others use the simulators to further harness their driving skills.


How about honing your racing skills at Sideways Driving Club? If you avail of the Gold Membership package, not only do you get up to 40 percent off on all “Peak” and “Peak Saver” sessions, you even get a whopping 5 hours free driving! That’s enough time for you to really test your Formula One-level driving skills. Under the Gold Membership package, you also get the following benefits:

  • Open Practice on Track of the Month at $150- /hrHalf price entry to Championship, F1 & Special Events
  • 1hr of free practice per month for 1 non-member guest per month of your choice
  • Sideways VIP Membership card entitles you to over 20,000 special offers
  • 50% Discount on booking of Adult Group Race Events (min 8 drivers)
  • Sideways VIP Membership pack
  • 12 months membership


All these are valued for over HK$10,000 but as a valued Sideways Driving Club member, you can avail of the Gold Membership package for only HK$3,888. Talk about an amazing deal!

Visit Sideways Driving Club HK today and tap your inner Schumacher!


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