How Non-Techies Will Still Love Using JamiQ


Let’s face it. Sometimes the only hindrance in buying or using a software program is the complexity of it. Unless you have a personal assistant who can be with you 24/7, you’d also want to know how to manage and effectively use a software program especially one that helps you track social media, right?


Enter – JamiQ. JamiQ is an award-winning multilingual monitoring software that companies can use to listen, measure and gain insights from online conversations about your product, brand, service or company. What makes JamiQ really special is that it is very easy to manage!


JamiQ’s dashboard organizes and gives you a quick overview of the most recent updates on all your chosen or specified Topics. At a quick glance, you get to see what has changed in the last 24 hours, identify which Topics are critical and jump right in. This is vital especially when your business relies heavily on social media or online conversations.


The JamiQ dashboard also gives you an immediate view of how many Topics you have running and easy access to managing them. Doesn’t that sound pretty easy especially for non-techies?


Aside from its easy-to-use dashboard, JamiQ also lets you monitor online conversations in any language – be it Korean, German, Spanish, Chinese – any language! This is important especially if you want to take your brand to the global scale.


Want to see JamiQ in action? See for yourself how easy it is to manage. Request for a free demo! Send email to


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